Welcome to Rosetta

The town of Rosetta. Nestled in the mountains, it is neither small nor large, but quaint and remote. Here Kaiden and his sister Alyssa grew up, exploring its woods and hills, knowing nothing of the world beyond.

One day, however, Kaiden and his sister met a tragic accident, falling off a sheer cliff. By the time a rescue party found them, Kaiden's condition was terminal, and he was rushed to a hospital in the distant city. Loss of blood and fractures left him hospitalized for months. Due to the nature of his rehabilitation, Kaiden needed to stay in the city, in case his condition worsened. In this way, he spent the last 6 years, living with his aunt, away from his family.

Nothing ever changes. Kaiden, having recovered from his childhood injuries, has finally graduated from an unspectacular high school lifestyle. Missing the deadline for college applications and having no plans for what to do in life, Kaiden sets out on a journey of self-discovery to his hometown of Rosetta.

His return home brings many questions, though, beyond his purpose in life. His sister, who survived the accident, became frantic in his absence. Among the family, stories of her are spoken in hushed whispers, a taboo subject. After running away from home, her whereabouts are now unknown. Unbeknownst to Kaiden, a conspiracy lurks, waiting to separate him from his sister yet again.

Kaiden steps down from the train station that connects to the small town. Amidst a sea of cottonwood, he catches a glimpse of a girl who radiates a mysterious aura of familiarity. The spring wind carries with it a fragrance of change to Kaiden as well as this town, still struggling to live in the past.

  2006 Mystery Parfait