Major Characters Kaiden Andrews

The main protaganist. After a serious accident when he was twelve, he had to move away from his small hometown of Rosetta to recieve treatment. Now he has graduated from high school, but has no plans for college or work. Seeking a break from his boring, unchanging life, he sets out to head home and visit his parents and sister.
Alyssa Andrews

Kaiden's sister, older by one year. Since he left, she did not get along well with their parents. When she was old enough, she got a part-time job and moved out from home. She is reunited with Kaiden shortly after his return. She is rather quiet and reserved, but works hard to live independently.
Tara Moore

A delivery girl at the pizzeria Kaiden's dad runs. Due to her childish appearance, people constantly mistake her age, though she is actually older than Kaiden. She tends to be quick to anger when confronted, but when alone, she's actually quite a spacecase.
Vivienne Carter

Met by Kaiden on a pizza delivery, and a loyal customer of their store. She appears to be normal and composed on the outside, but has an abnormal fixation with conspiracies and supernatural occurences. She takes everything at her own pace.

Supporting Characters

Kaiden's Dad
The owner and head chef at the local pizza restaurant, of which he is very proud. He can be childish at times, and loves to joke around.

Kaiden's Mom
Also works as a cook and waitress at their pizza restaurant. She seems to have a limitless supply of hearth wisdom and questionable trivia.

Derrick "Dirk" Moore
Tara's brother. When he was young, he often got into fights with his militaristic father. As a result, he was sent away to a boarding school. Currently lives in Rosetta.

Susan Macalister
A child welfare agent working in the area. Every so often she drives down to check on the status of the children under her jurisdiction, including Alyssa.

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